Mikey the Macaw

Hatched: 2015

Favourite treat: Walnut

Favourite human: Daddy Human

Favourite game: Big Wings

Worst habit: Screaming for attention

Most unique trait: Two black lines of feathers underneath eyes, rather than three like most other macaws!

Mia the Macaw

Hatched: 2017

Favourite treat: Walnut

Favourite human: Mummy Human

Favourite game: Dancing

Worst habit: Biting people she loves

Most unique trait: Her teal / green tail feathers and green neck feathers

Learn about blue and gold macaws

Mikey and Mia are blue and gold macaws. A macaw is a neotropical type of New World parrot that is often long tailed and colourful. 

Blue and Gold macaws are found in South America and are distinguished by their blue plumage and yellow bellies, with black feathers under the beak and around the neck. 

In the wild blue and gold macaws inhabit rainforests, woodland and savannahs of tropical South America.

Blue and gold macaws are readily available on the market to purchase as a companion pet however their demand has an impact on wild populations and their natural eco systems. Very few people carry out adequate research before getting a macaw, and so face difficulties when they realise how complex their care needs are. 

Macaws have special dietary needs that can be expensive in the long run and by nature are extremely destructive and noisy. Macaws have not been in the company of humans for as long as other pets such as dogs and cats, and so are not domesticated, meaning they still display all of their natural and wild behaviours. This can prove too much for the average person to cope with and so there is a surplus of macaws in need of homes across the world as people continue to buy baby macaws and then give them away when they become too difficult to care for.

Macaws should eat a varied nutritious diet and do not thrive when given a diet consisting of mainly seeds or nuts. In the morning we feed Mikey and Mia a fresh chop consisting of living food such as soaked and sprouted seeds, along with organic freshly cut vegetables and some fruit. In the evening we feed a dry chop, made up of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices as well as a small serving of a diverse homemade seed mix. 

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