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Mikey and Mia

Very Veggie Chop Topper - Make your own parrot dry mix 100% freeze-dried vegetable mix

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Introducing our Freeze Dried Vegetable Mix for Parrots! This delicious and nutritious mix is the perfect addition to your parrot's diet. Made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients, our freeze-dried vegetable mix is packed with vitamins and minerals to help keep your parrot healthy and happy.

Whether you use this as a chop topper and add it to your parrot's current diet regime, or combine it with our other make your own dry mix for parrots products, our Freeze Dried Vegetable Mix is sure to be a hit with your feathered friend. The freeze-drying process preserves the flavour and nutrition of the vegetables, so your parrot can enjoy the taste and benefits of fresh vegetables even when they're not in season.

In addition to being healthy, our Freeze Dried Vegetable Mix is also easy to use. Simply add it to your parrot's food dish and watch as they enjoy the tasty and nutritious treat, or combine it with our other Make Your Own products in ratios that suit you and your birds, for an entirely tailored Dry Mix for your parrots!

And with our convenient packaging, you can easily take our Freeze Dried Vegetable Mix with you wherever you go, so your parrot can enjoy a delicious and healthy snack no matter where they are.

So why wait? Add our Freeze Dried Vegetable Mix to your cart today and give your parrot the nutritious and delicious snack they deserve!

To make your own complete Dry Mix for parrots, combine this product with:

Fruity Flockers - All freeze-dried fruit 

Flower Power Plus - A combination of dried edible flowers with added tasty coconut

And a seed mix of your choice:

Calming Seed Mix

Spicy Seed Mix


Freeze-Dried Beetroot, Freeze-Dried Carrot, Freeze-Dried Corn, Freeze-Dried Peas, Freeze-Dried Pumpkin, Freeze-Dried Broccoli, Freeze-Dried Courgette, Freeze-Dried Cauliflower

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World wide shipping available on some products. Spicy Seed mix and Calming Seed Mix cannot currently be shipped to Australia. All orders made before midday are shipped the same day, otherwise the next working day including Saturdays. Orders made after midday on Saturday are shipped on Monday. See our returns policy for full details about returning your product


"Always great. i've got Marnie weaning onto the mix and Winnie acts like she hasn't had food all day when i give it to her, just inhales it down.
Definitely something i'll always be buying"

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