Boost Your Parrot's Nutrition Creative Ways to Use Our Smoothie Range

Boost Your Parrot's Nutrition Creative Ways to Use Our Smoothie Range


The Nutritional Benefits of Mikey and Mia's Smoothie Range for Fussy Parrots

As parrot owners, we all want the best for our feathered friends, but sometimes convincing them to eat a well-balanced diet can be a challenge. That's where Mikey and Mia's Smoothie Range comes to the rescue! Our specially formulated smoothie powders are designed to provide essential nutrients while appealing to even the fussiest of eaters. In this blog, we'll explore the nutritional benefits of our smoothie range and share some creative ways to incorporate them into your parrot's diet.

Why Choose Mikey and Mia's Smoothie Range?

Parrots require a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to maintain their vibrant feathers, strong beaks, and overall health. Our smoothie powders are formulated to deliver these essential nutrients in a tasty and convenient form. Packed with Essential Nutrients and freeze dried powders, our smoothies can truly enhance even the fussiest bird’s diets! 

Key Nutrients:


Our smoothies are loaded with vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, crucial for immune function, energy metabolism, and cellular health.

Minerals: Calcium, magnesium, and potassium support bone health, muscle function, and neurological health.
Amino Acids: Essential for protein synthesis, tissue repair, and feather development.
Antioxidants: Help combat oxidative stress and support overall well-being.

Tailored for Fussy Eaters

We understand that some parrots can be very particular about their food. Our smoothie powders come in a 2 powerful flavours, ensuring there's something to tempt even the pickiest eaters. Tropical spice and Green Cleanse, there's a flavour to suit every parrot's palate! 

Creative Ways to Use Mikey and Mia's Smoothie Powders

1. Sprinkle on Morning Chop
One of the simplest ways to boost your parrot's nutrient intake is by sprinkling our smoothie powder on their morning chop. Chop typically includes a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains, and adding our powder enhances the nutritional profile of this already healthy meal.

- Prepare your parrot's regular chop mix.
- Sprinkle a teaspoon of Mikey and Mia's Tropical Fruit Smoothie Powder over the chop.
- Mix well and serve.

2. Add to Water
For parrots that enjoy drinking from their water dish, adding a bit of smoothie powder can encourage them to drink more and receive extra nutrients.

- Dissolve half a teaspoon of Green Cleanse Smoothie Powder in their water dish.
- Stir well to ensure the powder is fully dissolved.
- Replace with fresh water and powder mix daily.

3. Blend with Fruits and Vegetables
Creating a homemade smoothie using fresh fruits and vegetables along with our smoothie powder can be a delightful treat for your parrot. This method allows you to mix their favorite flavors and ensure they're getting a balanced intake of nutrients.

- In a blender, combine a handful of spinach, a small banana, and a few chunks of mango.
- Add a teaspoon of Mikey and Mia's Green Cleanse Smoothie Powder.
- Blend until smooth and pour into a dish for your parrot to enjoy.

4. Use in Foraging Toys
Foraging toys are a great way to keep your parrot mentally stimulated while also providing nutrition. You can mix small amounts of smoothie powder with a mixture of suitable nuts within the foraging toy to make snack time more engaging.

- Place a small amount of Tropical spice Smoothie Powder in a bowl and mix with nuts

- Then place inside a foraging toy.
- Add some dried fruits or nuts to the toy for added interest.
- Let your parrot enjoy the challenge of finding their nutritious treat.

Mikey and Mia's Smoothie Range is a nutritious addition to your parrot's diet, especially for those fussy eaters who need a little extra encouragement. By incorporating our smoothie powders in creative ways, you can ensure your parrot receives the essential nutrients and super foods they need for a happy and healthy life. Try out our different flavors and see the positive impact on your feathered friend's well-being!



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